What is the Sport-LT?  The Sport-LT is a portable light therapy system that provides   effective treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis or Golfers Elbow and other repetitive use injuries.

How does the Sport-LT work?  A sophisticated microprocessor and 17 high power Infrared and Red emitters, running in a unique pulsed mode, allow an optimized penetration of the Red & Infrared light to the damaged tissue.  This creates a photo biostimulation within the cellular mitochondria which produces increased ATP allowing in reduced inflammation, pain and increased circulation activity & nitric oxide, which greatly enhances healing and cellular health.

Why use the Sport-LT?  The Sport-LT is the only device created specifically for use on the wrist and elbow areas.   Our customers have found relief with the Sport-LT on their necks, shoulders, knees, backs, feet and ankles as well.

Is the Sport-LT FDA approved?  The Sport-LT is manufactured and recognized by the FDA under classification (IRT) 890.5740 and is manufactured in the USA.

How does the Sport-LT compare to other light therapy devices?  The Sport-LT system was designed with 17 Infrared and Red powerful LED devices that allow for significantly higher penetration depth than our competitors.

How do I use the Sport-LT?  Please charge the unit completely when you first get it.  The red charging light will go out when it is fully charged.  Push the red button on the front of the unit to begin a treatment cycle.  The unit will perform a quick self-test, beep once and begin a treatment cycle of 12 minutes on the last setting that the unit was used in.  The Sport-LT has 3 different treatment modes, each with optimized ratio & power level of Infrared and Red light, to allow light to reach the treatment zone.

How do I select the treatment type?  Press the start button to switch to the other treatment modes.  Please read the operation manual as it contains information on the best treatment mode for your problem. Click here to view the manual – http://bit.ly/1joLSyA.   Also feel free to contact us via email with any questions at: info@innovativelighttherapy.com

How often should I use the Sport-LT?  Begin with one treatment twice a day for the first week.  Most users begin to find relief after a week or two and continue to use their Sport-LT for on-going maintenance and enhanced recovery.

How long does the treatment last?  A treatment lasts for 12 minutes.  The unit will beep once with 1 minute remaining, then will beep twice at the conclusion of the treatment and will turn off.

How many treatments will I get before I have to charge the unit?  There are approximately 6-8 treatments on the BLUE setting until the battery is discharged and approximately 10 treatments on the GREEN and RED settings.

Can I use the Sport-LT on all body parts?  Yes!  Use on any joint, tendon or muscle where inflammation or pain is occurring.  Do not use near the abdomen if pregnant.  We will be releasing a two piece strap in the future for use on the back as many of our customers have had success with back pain relief.

Can I use the Sport-LT on an open wound or infection?  No, do not use the Sport-LT on an open wound or infection.  Consult your physician for treatment options.

Can I use a payment plan to pay for the Sport-LT?  Yes, we offer FuturePay as one of our payment options.  Just click on “Buy Now and Pay Later with FuturePay”  on the checkout page.

What is the return policy?  Our return policy is available at http://www.innovativelighttherapy.com/order-now/terms-of-sale/.

Are there any know side effects associated with the Sport-LT?  There are no known side effects from using the Sport-LT.  The Sport-LT is drug free and pain free!