Join the Sport-LT family and our many successes. Let the Sport –LT get you back to your game! It’s portable, durable and rechargeable! And it’s designed and manufactured in the United States!

November 30, 2015

Love it! Highly Recommend!

After doing research on a number of light therapy products, I purchased the
Sport-LT for my chronic carpal tunnel pain in my right wrist. After just a
few days of using as directed on the “blue” setting, twice a day, I already
feel improvement! And I’m also using it on my sore hip flexor and it has
helped with the pain and it feels like it penetrates deep, creating a
warming sensation while it speeds healing! I will update my review after a
few weeks of use. The staff were super friendly and helpful in answering all of my questions

- Annette, FL

A Great Pain Reliever!

I have had this product for about a month. I am a golfer and have had a bad shoulder forever. I have had a cortisone shot annually to get some relief but it’s effect goes away in a few months. I have been treating it with the LT every day or so and the pain has gone away. Previously I couldn’t raise my arm without pain and now I have no problem with mobility. My wife has used it on a sore wrist (don’t know if it’s carpal tunnel) and has had instant relief. She’s also used it on a sore/bad neck problem and has had Instant relief. It’s not a cure but it sure stops the pain!

- Paul, FL
October 30, 2015

Musicians – Heal Carpal Tunnel with Sport-LT!

I’ve been playing guitar for 40 plus years, and recently have been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome. Being a semi-professional musician, I play for 4 hours plus per show. My fingers would actually stop working towards the end of the gig! My doctor was recommending surgery, which I’m reluctant to have. After using the Sport-LT, I’m now able to play all night! I would highly recommend the Sport-LT for any musician suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome!

- Dan, FL
September 9, 2015

Hip flexor pain relief!

Not only does it work for tennis elbow but it works on my hip flexors. I have been limping along lately with pain and unable to do any activity. I started using my Sport-LT on my hip flexors and it worked miracles. Pain is gone and I am no longer on NSAIDS and I am back to exercising!! I still use my light therapy but now it is just preventative!! This is a great product!!

- Debra, Registered Nurse
August 29, 2015

Sport-LT speeds recovery

I purchased the Sport-LT for its convenience and portability and to help ease pain & inflammation on my left knee from years of overuse on the tennis court. Since NOT playing is never an option with me, I found it helped speed recovery so I was able to continue my active lifestyle on a daily basis. I also began using it on other aging parts of my body such as elbow and wrist, lower back, ankle & Achilles with similar results.

Although I would like to wake up tomorrow pain free and 19 yrs old again, I’m being realistic that I can only control what I can control & Sport- LT has helped keep me in the game with minimal time on the bench.

- Didi, USPTA member
August 24, 2015

Relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Hip Flexor Pain

I own a Sport-LT and love it!  I have bilateral carpal tunnel problems and have used my Sport-LT with great relief!  It is amazing!  I highly recommend it!  I know the sport LT was made for carpal tunnel and tennis elbow however I have used it on my hip flexors and it has been working wonderfully! I’ve overdone it on the treadmill and using the Sport Lt on my hip flexor makes a big difference! There’s no end to what this light therapy can do !!

- Debbie, GA
August 17, 2015

Relieving shoulder pain!

I’ve been using the Sport-LT for about a month for my pectoral tendon tendonitis.  It feels better every day and I’m definitely seeing progression every week!  I’m also using it on my neck, which is helping a lot!

- Greg, FL
July 22, 2015

Tendonitis resolved with the Sport-LT!

I have had problems with tendinitis off and on for years. Several months ago, it was extremely bad! I went to my doctor and she prescribed physical therapy and anti-inflammation meds. I’m a caregiver and I do reflexology. I could barely do much of anything due to the constant pain. I started using the Sport-LT twice a day and experienced a significant improvement within just a couple of days. After about 10 days my tendinitis was GONE!!!! I highly recommend the Sport-LT!! It helped me get back to living life without pain!!! Thank you so much for inventing such an awesome, portable, rechargeable, not invasive, and easy to use device!!! I’m confident that if my tendinitis flares up again, I have an effective solution that WORKS!!!! Thank you, thanks, danka, and mucho gracias!!!! I’m so grateful to be smiling again!!

- Denise, CA
July 13, 2015

Wrist Injury and Tennis Elbow

I used the Sport-LT for a wrist injury. Each time I used it, I felt an improvement. My husband used it hoping it would help his tennis elbow. He felt the difference with the first treatment. I highly recommend the Sport-LT!

- Kris, FL
June 24, 2015

Tennis Elbow and Knee Pain

I have had tennis elbow for a long time and have used the Sport-LT on my elbow and on my bad knees.  In only 1 week, I have seen marked improvement!  I love that it feels gently warm and not hot!

- Pam, VA