Innovative Light Therapy launches Sport-LT at Revolution Technologies Pro Tennis Classic at Kiwi Club

Tennis Players Getting Back to Their Game Faster with Sport-LT

Melbourne, FL – 5/18/2015 –Innovative Light Therapy has announced the release of its new “Sport-LT” a low-level light therapy (LLLT) device that helps to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing associated with tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive-use injuries.

The patent-pending Sport-LT uses low-level, therapeutic red and infrared light, housed in a compact unit that is placed directly on the affected area; a custom wrap holds the unit in place. The light penetrates into the damaged tissue to initiate a biochemical healing process called photobiostimulation. This process accelerates healing, decreases inflammation and provides relief after just a few applications.

“We believe the Sport-LT is going to be one of the best therapies for tennis elbow,” said ILT President and CEO Rich Stroman. “Research has proven the efficacy of low level light therapies and people who have tried our product, versus traditional methods such as ice packs and analgesics, find that their pain is significantly reduced and often free of symptoms after 1-2 weeks of use”

In 2006 the FDA, along with Health Canada and European Union cleared Low Level Light Therapy for pain relief applications and over 20 laboratory trials have indicated that LLLT has an anti-inflammatory effect, and a biostimulatory effect on collagen, healing and pain reduction.

The Sport-LT can be purchased online and will soon be available in tennis and sporting goods stores and through teach professionals. For more information about the Sport-LT, visit