Tendonitis resolved with the Sport-LT!

I have had problems with tendinitis off and on for years. Several months ago, it was extremely bad! I went to my doctor and she prescribed physical therapy and anti-inflammation meds. I’m a caregiver and I do reflexology. I could barely do much of anything due to the constant pain. I started using the Sport-LT twice a day and experienced a significant improvement within just a couple of days. After about 10 days my tendinitis was GONE!!!! I highly recommend the Sport-LT!! It helped me get back to living life without pain!!! Thank you so much for inventing such an awesome, portable, rechargeable, not invasive, and easy to use device!!! I’m confident that if my tendinitis flares up again, I have an effective solution that WORKS!!!! Thank you, thanks, danka, and mucho gracias!!!! I’m so grateful to be smiling again!!