Sport-LT featured in Space Coast Medicine Magazine

Indian Harbour Beach business executive, inventor and avid tennis player Rich Stroman was hampered by a recurring case of carpal tunnel syndrome.   He tried the requisite therapies of ice, over-the-counter analgesics and rest but nothing relieved the growing discomfort that the CTS was causing. Without relief, surgery was becoming a likelihood.  However, a chance visit to his chiropractor, Dr. Mike Ville in Satellite Beach, Florida was about change the prognosis.


Dr. Ville was employing a new infra-red light therapy on patients that showed promise in relieving inflammation and healing damaged tissue and tendons. “I have been using light therapy in my Chiropractic clinic for over four years and it has become an invaluable tool, allowing me to successfully treat difficult cases with positive outcomes,” said Ville. Stroman agreed to the therapy and soon found the pain and inflammation subsiding, eventually allowing him to get back to the sport he loved, pain free.


The device Dr. Ville was using was a large, expensive and stationary system. It required patients to come to his office for treatment. Stroman, an entrepreneur with experience in creating new and innovative devices – he holds several patents in the optical and engineering fields – started to look at how light therapy could be contained in a portable unit that individuals could use at their convenience and for not only CTS, but also tennis elbow and other repetitive-use injuries.


Stroman and his engineering partner, David Seymour, went into research and development mode and what emerged is the Sport-LT, a low-level light therapy device that is smaller than a deck of cards but more powerful than most systems. Today, the Sport-LT is helping people get back to their game and routine office work without the need for traditional therapies, drugs or invasive procedures.


Light Therapy is FDA cleared and widely used today for many issues caused by repetitive stress or injury.  In the Sport-LT, powerful pulses of light penetrate deep into tissue to stimulate cells’ mitochondria to produce more Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Present in the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm of every cell, all the physiological mechanisms in the body that require energy for operation obtain it directly from stored ATP. This “photobiostimulation” as it is called, is well documented and allows the body’s own systems to work to reduce pain and inflammation, and increase circulation.


Light therapy is now commonly used in physical therapy clinics worldwide and even used by trainers of professional sports teams to accelerate the body’s natural healing ability. “As an occupational therapist and massage therapist working with professional athletes, I have seen a positive effect using light therapy to reduce pain and inflammation in repetitive movement injuries,” said Jennifer Fitzgerald of Yacavone Home Therapy. “I am excited to be able to offer the Sport-LT to my clients”.


While several products coming onto the light therapy market are touting their effectiveness, many produce just a fraction of the powerful pulses of bi-chromatic red & infrared light of the Sport-LT. Stroman’s design uses specialized Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) which are operated in an optimal optical and electrical mode to provide penetration of the healing wavelengths of light to the injured area deep beneath the skin, resulting in faster recovery.


“I purchased the Sport-LT for its convenience and portability and to help ease pain & inflammation on my left knee that came from years of overuse on the tennis court,” said USPTA Tennis Professional Didi Weinreb. “Since not playing is never an option with me, I found it helped speed recovery so I was able to continue my active lifestyle on a daily basis.  I also began using it on my elbow, wrist, lower back, ankle & Achilles tendon with similar results.”


The Sport-LT recently received FDA certification and Stroman’s company, Innovative Light Technologies has been producing units using manufacturing facilities located in Melbourne, Florida. “We’re taking advantage of the incredible depth of talent on Florida’s Space Coast to bring the Sport-LT to market,” Stroman said.


The Sport-LT, has been designed to easily strap around the elbow or wrist area to specifically and easily treat CTS and Tennis or Golfers Elbow (Lateral or medial epicondylitis). It can also wrap around other appendages or be held in place to provide relief to the lower back, shoulders or neck. Customer feedback has been very positive, with many users reporting great success. Since its debut, not one unit has been returned due to it not providing the relief promised.


The Sport-LT retails for $499 including the low-level light unit, wrist and arm straps, a USB power supply, padded carrying case, exercises for CTS & tennis elbow and easy-to-follow use instructions. More information, including easy-pay options can be found at, on Facebook at Sport-LT and on Twitter @NewLightTherapy.

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